TRLab X AI 2041: Social Media Odyssey Giveaway

GM and happy Wednesday TRLab fam!

Do you remember these Collector Cards we released each week? Did you wonder if it was possible to catch them all?

We are excited to introduce our TRLab x AI 2041 Collector Card NFTs giveaway this week. These 8 NFT Collector Cards will be airdropped straight to some lucky wallets this week. And we will not just be giving NFTs to collectors — as a Thank You to everyone who has joined an AMA and participated in a Whitelist, we’d like to reward 15 lucky winners with a Limited Edition NFT as well.

How can I get a card?

  • AI 2041 Cards 01–07 will be airdropped straight into the wallets of our AI 2041 collectors. So if you own QU4NTUM, you’ll automatically get one of the NessGraphics cards, etc. Enjoy ✨
  • AI 2041 Card 00 will be airdropped to 15 lucky winners who have both (1) previously entered a Whitelist for an AI 2041 Artist — whether or not you were chosen, and (2) participate in our upcoming Social Media Odyssey Giveaway. We have 15 Limited Edition NFTs for you to win!

What is the Social Media Odyssey Giveaway and How to enter?

  • From now until February 23, 11:59 PM ET, we will provide a few prompts and hashtags, and we want you to respond on Twitter and Instagram! We want to expand our community and spread the good word of TRLab before we launch our next drop, and we hope this will help!
  • To enter the Giveaway, you share on social media, responding to our prompt. You MUST use the hashtag #TheTRLabWay in order to submit a correct entry. Accounts must be public in order for TRLab to see the post, and Instagram stories WILL NOT count as an entry. Depending on the post, we’ll also be counting well-thought-out posts in our Discord as raffle entries too.
  • To show that you are entering the giveaway, fill out the following Paperform with your social media information and wallet address:
  • Throughout the week, we will pick our favorite entries and automatically airdrop them to the wallet address provided in the Paperform.

Who can join the Social Media Odyssey Giveaway?

  • Anyone who has joined a Whitelist for an AI 2041 artist, regardless if they were chosen or not, AND anyone who posts on social media using the hashtag #TheTRLabWay!

Thanks for participating and good luck!


  • Here’s the first prompt: Share your favorite TRLab artwork. Is it in your collection or one you wish you could own? What is your favorite part of the artwork? Use the hashtag #TheTRLabWay on social media to share!
  • Second Prompt on Feb 16, 2022: Did you participate in an Artist AMA? Have you spoken with an artist in our Discord? Love the Cai GMs? What has been your favorite part of the TRLab collector experience so far? Use the hashtag #TheTRLabWay on social media to share!
  • Note: We’ll have new prompts coming periodically throughout the giveaway period.

Stay Connected & Updated

Official channels of information include our Website, Twitter, Instagram, and the #announcements channel in our Discord.



TRLab is a fine art NFT platform. We fuse NFT technology with fine art expertise to pioneer the future of collecting.

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TRLab is a fine art NFT platform. We fuse NFT technology with fine art expertise to pioneer the future of collecting.