TR Lab x AI 2041: Updates

The Complete Artist Roster and a New and Improved Whitelist System

1. The Complete Artist Roster
2. Updated Timeline
3. General Whitelist Updates

The Complete Artist Roster

We are incredibly pleased to officially welcome the addition of Blake Kathryn, Min Shi and David Ariew to our AI 2041 series, in completing our overall lineup.

  • Blake Kathryn is one of the most popular and best selling artists in the NFT space, with a global collector following and fan base. Known for her ethereal 3D figurative portraits and vibrant color palette, Blake has collaborated on artistic projects with celebrities and influencers Paris Hilton, Lil Nas X and Pabllo Vittar as well as major brands like Adidas, Fendi, and Jimmy Choo, among others.
Blake Kathryn
  • David Ariew is an acclaimed 3D and visual artist. He has worked with bands and artists like Beeple, Deadmau5, Zedd, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, and Excision. Ariew has several artist styles, from energetic concert visuals tightly synced with music to abstract and mesmerizing animations. He is best known for his distinctive cinematic visuals, where he creates overly ambitious, full CG short films.
David Ariew
  • Min Shi started her artistic career as part of the design team at Elastic TV, contributing to award-winning title sequences for the hit shows West World, Game of Thrones, True Detective, and The Morning Show, among others. Having trained in Animation and Digital Arts at the University of Southern California, she uses her personal projects to explore her aristic skills. TR Lab is proud to support Min in the creation of her genesis NFT work.
Min Shi

Updated Timeline

The AI 2041 series will last through January 2022, to accommodate for a complete artist roster and also to give our community a well-deserved break over the Winter Holidays. In general, we will maintain our usual weekly release schedule, and will inform the community when we have break weeks. As a reminder, the process for each week is as follows:

Sunday @10 AM ET | TR Lab will tease the identity of the artist for the upcoming week

  • Monday @10 AM ET | TR Lab will officially announce the artist of the week, as well as the artwork and drop details (i.e. edition size, mint and/or auction)
  • Monday 10 AM — Wednesday 11:59 AM ET | Participants in both the Reserved Whitelist and General Whitelist groups will have 50 hours to enter in the raffle for the week’s drop. Winners will be confirmed 12 hours after the raffles close
  • Wednesday @11:59 PM ET | Raffle winners will be confirmed, and entrants can check their status on the TR Lab website
  • Thursday 10:00 AM — Friday 9:59 AM ET| Raffle winners will have 24 hours during the Whitelist Access Sale to mint their piece on the TR Lab website. After that point, all remaining pieces will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis to anyone in the general public.
  • Thursday 10:00 AM — Sunday 10:00 pm ET| Auction

Note: there is the possibility of another one-week respite to accommodate the schedules of the artists we have partnered with.

There will be no Whitelist process on weeks when the drop is only an auction and doesn’t include a sale (decided in conjunction with the artists we have partnered with).

General Whitelist Updates

After reflection, we have decided to take steps to ensure the Whitelist process rewards collectors who are first and foremost, true fans of the artist. Our Secret Code will now just be comprised of two parts: the “ADJECTIVE” which can be found on the Artist Twitter and the “ANIMAL” which will be revealed during the Artist AMA.

Correspondingly, we will be replacing the secret number component with an Artist Quiz in the Whitelist Raffle Application on Gleam. In order to complete your application for the Whitelist raffle, you will need to correctly answer all multiple choice questions on the artist and their previous work. This additional requirement is intended to reward true fans of the artist, and further discourage bots or flippers.

Note: some of the artists we are working with have reached out for specific requirements regarding rewarding real and worthy collectors, and we will be working with them to continuously improve our process every week. Stay tuned for announcements within our discord for specifics.

Please refer to the original article for other Whitelist details here.

Stay Connected & Updated.

Official channels of information include our Website, Twitter, and the #announcements channel on our Discord.



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