TR Lab, A New NFT Platform for Fine Art, Announces Launch

BEIJING, 20 April 2021 TR Lab, a new NFT platform for discovering and collecting fine art, launches today. TR Lab aims to elevate the NFT landscape with a strong curatorial mission, leveraging its connections with the art world to showcase NFT art from a roster of world-leading artists and exclusive collaborations. In addition, TR Lab has a production studio to assist artists working in all types of media to engage with digital and NFT art. We are a distributed team with members spanning three continents and 5 timezones.

TR Lab believes in the long lasting potential of NFTs to fundamentally change art ownership, collecting, royalties, and provenance. The mission of TR Lab is to become a pioneer NFT platform for artists, collectors, and art lovers. In addition to a robust transaction platform, TR Lab provides a production studio with designers and creative technologists to serve artists in creating digital and NFT works of art, a concierge team to assist collectors with transactions, and a social community to engage art enthusiasts.

Ms. Mia Deng, Co-founder of TR Lab, Partner at Dragonfly Capital says, “The full name of TR is Tabula Rasa, a Latin expression meaning ‘blank slate.’ The metaphor is that everyone is born as a blank slate, free of judgment. Just like internet, blockchain, or any technology, NFT itself is a blank slate. There is no absolute good or bad, because the content on the slate (representing its value) is given by the creator. Just like the growth of bitcoin in the financial industry, the emergence of NFT is inevitable in the evolution of creative industries in the information age, while marking an everlasting watershed in the history of art.”

Ms. Xin Li-Cohen, Chairman and Co-founder of TR Lab comments, “I’m beyond excited entering the new world of art and dreaming of possibilities that were not available before. TR Lab has outstanding relationships with both esteemed artists and passionate art collectors globally. We have an international vision of where it serves NFT collectors. Asia is the world’s fastest growing region for the art market with brilliant artists and sophisticated art lovers. We will capitalize on its deep ties and a native understanding of its Asian audience while growing its global presence. At TR Lab, we are in hot pursuit of great, and good doesn’t cut it.”

TR Lab’s founding members include: Dragonfly Capital, Xin Li-Cohen (Non-executive Deputy Chairman of Christie’s), and the founders of Rockbund Art Museum, Artsy, and ART021.

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NFT艺术品平台TR Lab 宣告成立

NFT艺术品的全新平台TR Lab,今天宣告成立。TR Lab将借助其在艺术界的深厚实力来推进和展示全球重量级艺术家的NFT作品和独家合作项目,并协助使用各种媒介进行创作的艺术家进入数字艺术和NFT领域。我们的团队成员分布在世界三个大洲,横跨五个时区。

TR Lab 深信 NFT技术具有从根本上改变艺术品所有权、使用权、收藏交易、出处溯源的潜力。除了提供艺术品交易服务之外,作为一个新兴领域的全新平台,TR Lab设立了资深策展人团队和包括设计师及创意技术工程师的制作团队,未来将会为艺术家的数字媒介作品和NFT的创作提供专业的协助,为藏家提供全面的定制服务,为艺术爱好者提供互动的空间。

TR Lab联合创始人、Dragonfly Capital合伙人Mia Deng女士表示:“TR全称为Tabula Rasa,拉丁文的含义是‘空白的石板 ’(blank slate)。每种技术在初始阶段都是一块空白的画布 :从互联网到区块链,再到如今的NFT。他们的形态取决于艺术家的创作。TR Lab致力于帮助创作者更好地理解和运用这块‘空白的石板’。”

TR Lab主席、联合创始人李昕女士表示:“我非常期待进入一个全新的艺术世界,追寻那些曾经遥不可及的梦想和史无前例的可能性。TR Lab与众多国际知名艺术家和资深的艺术品收藏家都保持良好的关系。亚洲是全球艺术市场发展速度最快的区域,并云集了众多的艺术家, 收藏家和艺术爱好者,在NFT领域极具发展潜力。在中国孵化的TR Lab同时也具有国际性的视野,其服务对象包括世界各地的NFT收藏者。基于团队成员长久以来对于亚洲区域的理解和联系,TR Lab将着眼于这一市场的开拓,同时力争将影响力扩大到全球。我们追求的不仅仅是‘好’,而是‘伟大’。”

TR Lab的联合创始人包括:Dragonfly Capital,李昕 (佳士得全球非执行副主席),RAM上海外滩美术馆、Artsy以及ART021上海廿一当代艺术博览会的创始人。






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TRLab is a fine art NFT platform. We fuse NFT technology with fine art expertise to pioneer the future of collecting.