The TRLab Way: The Art of Curation

Curation, the act of selecting and organizing artworks of all mediums, is an art form in and of itself.

Access to the internet, a never-ending source of free information, paired with the human desire to create and tell stories, the market for art and design has become increasingly abundant, saturated, but fragmented.

While the exuberance of creative energy is a good thing, the increased access to art makes it challenging to find works that resonate on an individual level. It’s even more difficult to differentiate the exceptional from the common, and identify new ideas by comparing them with the old.

Curation can influence perspective by either altering it through the introduction of the obscure and eccentric, or expanding it through the constant repetition of inspirational subjects. Curation literally shapes how we think and see the world. It is a powerful thing.

Curation in the flesh

Try and recall your visits to museums and galleries. Exhibitions held across renowned institutions such as The MoMA, The Guggenheim Museum, The Broad, or LACMA, are the output of careful, thoughtful curation from fine art tastemakers. Reoccurring works from specific artists, or artworks under certain themes, take part in the curatorial narrative that international art galleries share.

In parallel to the traditional art world, curation is also prevalent in our everyday lives. Streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+ are prime examples. Modern-day influencers and YouTubers make a living by curating content for their audience. From food and travel vlogs to crypto trading and investment advice, every content creator has their niche and audience to reach. In a sense, every branded business (or person) utilizes the art of curation to maintain a reputation and grow.

The NFT curation landscape

The NFT curation landscape is no different from the traditional art world as the strategies and methods are mighty similar to that of well-established museums. Lately, you may see some of the largest NFT marketplaces launch curated drops from world-renowned artists like Damien Hirst, Beeple, and Takashi Murakama.

As the saturation of NFT marketplaces proliferates, it is challenging to determine which platform can maintain a long-lasting competitive advantage amongst the crowd. Plus, if almost all marketplaces have curated drops from the same mainstream artists, how can one really differentiate among them?

This is where we believe TRLab comes in.

In the name of Fine Art

At TRLab, we’re on a mission to pioneer a new way to conceptualize and collect fine art by:

  1. Building a production studio and platform that supports digital and traditional artists as they integrate NFTs into their artistic practice.
  2. Inviting collectors into a passionate community bound together by their shared love of art.
  3. Demystifying NFT and blockchain technology for artists, foundations, museums, and art collectors.
  4. Bridging the gap between the physical and digital — the analog art world and the crypto-native marketplace.

We are working to create a global NFT art platform that is different. Even though curation is an overused word, especially in our industry, our approach is different. We don’t intend to curate projects based on any one tastemaker’s aesthetic or a record of past sale prices. Our goal is to present projects and works that fit with our core mission, provide a great collaborative experience for the artists we work with, and ultimately create lasting value for our members and collectors.

We will continue to be selective in what we pursue and keep pushing the boundaries in this new space. We hope to surprise you as we grow our partnerships with artists and continuously work to deepen the bonds between the digital and physical art worlds. Not to spoil the fun, but future collaborations will align to one (or more!) areas of our project roadmap:

Here’s to curatorial excellence and an exciting year ahead!

Stay Connected & Updated

Official channels of information include our Website, Twitter, Instagram, and the #announcements channel in our Discord.



TRLab is a fine art NFT platform. We fuse NFT technology with fine art expertise to pioneer the future of collecting.

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TRLab is a fine art NFT platform. We fuse NFT technology with fine art expertise to pioneer the future of collecting.