David Ariew x Tatler China: The Philanthropic Journey of an NFT Artwork

Everything you need to know to get on the Whitelist for this special drop.

The Artwork
Drop Mechanics
How to get on the Whitelist
This Week’s Calendar

The Artwork

Admire the Artwork on TRLab.com

This collaboration marks a milestone: when a still image from David Ariew’s digital artwork Fractal Monarch appears on the cover of Tatler China, it will be the first NFT to do so on a Chinese magazine. TR Lab is honored to launch the digital component of this project, as well as facilitate the sale of Fractal Monarch. The artwork will be available to purchase once the magazine is published in December, with half the proceeds donated to the charity organization Save The Children.

For more information, please check out Tatler China’s December issue and TR Lab’s website.

Drop Mechanics

Since embarking on the AI 2041 series 6 weeks ago, we have not strayed from our priority principles. From this journey, we wanted to work with a line-up of incredible artists who share our passion for technology & AI, and the credo of creating magnificent pieces appreciated by traditional and new-age collectors. We strove to distribute these pieces in an equitable, provable manner that culminated in a community bonded through fun challenges replete with learnings about our beloved artists and our shared devotion for curating and collecting one-of-a-kind artworks.

The full name of TR is Tabula Rasa, a Latin expression meaning “blank slate”. Our core ethos, since inception, has revolved around nurturing our community to represent us, and in turn, having our platform elevated by the strength of your contributions and commitment.

Hence, for this week’s collaborative launch, we intend to reward our most staunch supporters to reward their meaningful contributions to our ethos and burgeoning community. Our drop this week will have a run of 77 Limited Editions. They will be distributed on the following basis:

  • 15 editions for active and helpful community members, as determined by the TR Lab team.
  • Any and all Exploding the Self holders who have participated in more than 1 Whitelist Raffle and have yet to be successful. Our current tally of holders who fit this criterion is 5.

Remaining editions (77–15–5 = 57) of the drop will be distributed via our whitelist mechanic.

  • 40% for those eligible to enter via Reserved Whitelist Raffle process.
  • 60% for those eligible to enter via General Whitelist Raffle process.

Note that since this is a collaborative launch, Exploding the Self holders who were successful in Week 5 will remain eligible to enter this week’s drop.

How to get on the Whitelist

This week’s Whitelist will operate in a similar manner to our AI 2041 Whitelist Raffle mechanics, which we have found rewards our earliest supporters, facilitates active engagement from the general community, and minimizes senseless waste of ETH in gas wars.

The maximum supply of each drop will first be made available in the manner outlined above, then will open for public sale.

General Whitelist Raffle | 34 Editions

  • Use the following link to enter the General Whitelist Raffle: Enter here.
  • We have an Artist Quiz in the Whitelist Raffle Application on Gleam. In order to complete your application for the Whitelist raffle, you will need to correctly answer all multiple choice questions on the artist and their previous work. This additional requirement is intended to reward true fans of the artist, and further discourage bots or flippers.

Reserved Whitelist Raffle | 23 Editions

  • Use the following link to enter the Reserved Whitelist Raffle: Enter here.
  • Eligible entries must contain a wallet address holding a TR Lab Genesis piece, along with Discord and Twitter verification details
  • On Sunday, December 5th at 11:59 PM ET, TR Lab will take a snapshot of all wallets holding TR Lab Genesis pieces — and only those wallets will be eligible to enter onto the Reserved Whitelist for that week’s drop.
  • Participation in this week’s activities to gather the secret code is not mandatory, but always encouraged. TR Lab Genesis owners can always participate in the General Whitelist raffle.

Guaranteed Access | 20 Editions

Check your entry. All raffle entrants can check to see if they’ve won on the TR Lab website. If you see the below green badge under the Buy Now button, you are confirmed to be eligible to mint a piece before the public sale.

This Week’s Calendar

Stay Connected & Updated.

Official channels of information include our Website, Twitter, and the #announcements channel on our Discord.

“If I can affect the audience emotionally in some way, whether it’s to put them in a state of awe, or make them laugh, or cry, or put them into a trance, then I feel like I’ve created something special and meaningful.” — David Ariew




TRLab is an NFT platform on a mission to pioneer a new way to conceptualize and collect fine art.

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TRLab is an NFT platform on a mission to pioneer a new way to conceptualize and collect fine art.

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