Chapter 3: How to Set off Your Daytime Fireworks

It’s almost time for the big reveal. Because of how excited our community is, we’ve decided to move up the launch date of Chapter 3: Your Daytime Fireworks to Friday, April 22 at 10 AM EST. For those with Firework Packets, prepare to set them off soon. Curious to see what your Daytime Fireworks will look like?

The Cailendar

Before we dive in, let’s talk about the “Cailendar”, a specially designed virtual calendar that is independent of standard earth time.

Here are the rules:

  • 1 Cailendar day lasts 12 hours; there will be a total of 2 Cailendar days per earth day
  • There are a total of 90 Cailender days, or 45 earth days
  • Cailendar begins on April 22, 2022
  • Each Cailender day begins at 10 AM-7 PM EST and 10 PM-7 AM EST, respectively
  • At the end of each Cailendar day between 7 PM-10 PM EST and 7 AM-10 AM EST, the Daytime Firework NFT for the day will be revealed and set off. No minting can occur during this period.
  • Cailendar ends on June 5, 2022

Setting off Your Daytime Firework

Here’s where it gets interesting. By burning a Firework Packet NFT, you will be able to reveal a Daytime Firework NFT. However, unlike other NFT projects where the reveal is randomized, you will choose the look of your artwork:

  • One type of firework is prepared for each day in the “Cailendar”. There will be 90 different styles of Daytime Fireworks in total.
  • When each Cailender day dawns, our website will update the location, its corresponding weather conditions, and safety zones. These countries are the places where Cai once set off his firework events, and are of special significance to him. Walking in Cai’s footsteps, you’ll take into consideration the different factors that will ultimately determine the final appearance of Your Daytime Firework artwork!
  • Among them, 9 kinds of fireworks are particularly special, each corresponding to 9 important projects of Cai’s past. The dates for these special fireworks in the Cailandar coincide with the actual dates of the project.

Looking through the handbook on our website and the Cai A-Z Almanac on our Medium will guide you on each factor that plays into the appearance of Your Daytime Firework, so study closely.

For each Cailendar day, you will have 9 hours (either between 10:00am — 7:00pm or 10:00pm — 7:00am ET) to decide on setting off your fireworks that day. Once you’ve decided on a date, you will use a Firework Packet NFT on our website to set off a Daytime Firework.

At that time, a generic Firework NFT will be placed in your wallet, and you’ll have to wait for the big reveal everyday to see what it’ll look like!

We will also publish a step-by-step guide on how to set off your very own Daytime Firework NFT in the near future, so stay tuned!

Other things to note:

  • It’s a completely community-driven project, ultimately the quantity of Daytime Fireworks at the end of each day is decided by the number of community members who choose to mint on that day.
  • June 5, 10 PM EST will be the last Cailendar Day for you to set off your Daytime Fireworks. If you do not set off your firework before then, your Firework Packet will not be able to go off and will forever remain a Firework Packet.

Enjoy this rare opportunity to co-create with Master Cai! We are thrilled to see the response from the community to this first-of-it’s-kind project from a leading contemporary artist. Based on Cai’s original intent for Your Daytime Fireworks, we want to use the NFT medium to create a unique experience that connects Cai to his collectors in an intimate manner, and we’re very excited that you’ve embarked on this journey with us thus far; the reveal is well worth the wait.

Now, mark your calendars and get ready to go set off some Cai’s Daytime Fireworks!

Find the announcement in Chinese on our Mirror.

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