AI2041 Timeline Reveal

We are proud to announce our weekly roadmap for TR Lab x AI2041!

The first reveal starts on Oct. 25th — with one artist launching each week, including @Ness_Graphics, @ashthorp1, @brendandawes, @JoshuaDavis & @refikanadol. (The order is secret 🤫)

Details below of how each week will play out ↓

There will be one artist a week, and each week will follow the same cadence.

On Monday, we reveal the artist, artwork, and details to purchase.

On Thursday and Friday — depending on the edition — you will be able to purchase the artwork.

On Sunday, the cycle begins again!

Each artwork will have different edition types, since we wanted to give freedom to artists to express their vision. Some sales will be Auctions (1/1), others will be Limited Editions (< 100).

Since editions will be limited, it is impossible to guarantee spots for every TR Lab community member (or Cai NFT owner). Therefore, we’ve created a whitelist system using a fair raffle that rewards early supporters and active participants. Each artist will have their own whitelist.

We will share details on the Whitelist process before the reveal date.

Our goal is to provide something for everyone to enjoy, and there will be multiple opportunities to participate.

What can you do before the first reveal on October 25?

Get excited! We have several amazing artists coming up, and a few of them are already in our Discord. Chat directly with @Ness_Graphics, @brendandawes, in our Discord.

Join in the conversation! We’re hosting a weekly book club on Discord to read the source material, novel AI2041 from @kaifulee and @ChenQiufan, together. Put in your best guesses and what you hope to see!

→ Find the community at


下面来简单介绍一下“TR Lab x AI2041”的发布方式 ↓



周四和周五 — — 取决于作品的版数 — — 您将能购买这件作品。


为了给艺术家自由表达的空间,本项目中的每件作品都会有不同的版数。有一些作品是独版拍卖(1/1),另一些是限量销售(< 100)。

由于版数有限,我们无法保证每个TR Lab的社群成员(或蔡国强NFT作品的所有者)都能购得本项目中的作品。因此,我们创建了一个公平抽签的白名单系统,以奖励TR Lab的早期支持者和积极参与者。每个艺术家都有自己的白名单。




兴奋起来!我们将推出几位出色的艺术家,其中一些已经在我们的Discord频道里。到Discord上直接与@Nessgraphics、@Brendandawes 聊天吧。

参与对话!我们正在Discord上举办每周一次的读书俱乐部,一起阅读本项目的灵感来源:@kaifu__ 的小说《AI2041》。写下您的预测和希望看到的内容。

→ 点此进入社群:



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